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    We are passionate about exercise to combat Parkinson's disease. MDT Education Solutions was founded in 2014 by a leading researcher and two physical therapists to help as many people as possible access exercise as an important tool for managing disease progression.

  • What We Teach

    We offer accredited continuing education courses. Our training does not endorse a protocol or one specific type of exercise. Instead, we provide health and fitness professionals with the tools to adapt many different types of exercises to meet the specific needs of people with Parkinson disease.

  • Who We Train

    MDT Education Solutions equips health and fitness professionals, care partners, caregivers and people with Parkinson's disease with the knowledge and resources to form and participate in community-based exercise programs.

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Community-based exercise is an important tool for disease management for people with Parkinson's. However, most fitness professionals lack specific knowledge of Parkinson's and most healthcare professionals lack the skills to lead group exercise programming. Both can impact safety and efficacy for participants. We are uniquely positioned to equip you to adapt and implement a wide range of different exercise modalities to be beneficial for people with Parkinson's.



Our training is based on research on how to improve mobility and quality of life for people with Parkinson's disease in a community setting through exercise. MDT Education Solutions is recognized by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. Our signature course, “Community Exercise for People with PD” is a Parkinson’s Foundation Accredited Exercise Continuing Education Course, indicating that the curriculum has been reviewed and found to meet the rigorous Parkinson’s Foundation competency standards.

In Press Soon

Our founders, Dr. Madeleine Hackney and Dr. Tricia Creel, recently co-authored a chapter in the book "Exercise for Aging Adults: A Guide for Practitioners". This book is a guide to using exercise to help older adults, from frail to healthy aging, maintain quality of life and functional independence.

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